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Debt Solutions of Canada

Debt Solutions of Canada is a non-profit financial consulting group established to share insider secrets that will help reduce your debt, increase your available money on a monthly basis, and show you how to increase your quality of life.

Too many of us are trapped in financial situations that appear out of our control. Sometimes an easy answer exists, but is simply not common knowledge for the everyday customer. Tap into strategies like home equity lines of credit, debt consolidation (my fav!) and more with ‘Debt Solutions of Canada’.

One of the great players in the Canadian home equity lines of credit and second mortgage scene is the Morgix Agency. See their various financial services by clicking the button below:

Home Equity Lines of Credit are Smart. Period.

Home Equity
Home Equity

Home equity lines of credit are a smart way to draw value from the amount you’ve already paid down in your mortgage. Start thinking of ways to fix up your home, or get back on track via home equity.

Debt Consolidation
Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is an often overlooked method of reducing monthly payments, and keeping more money in your pocket each month. Tackle debt by having one focused target. It all starts here.

Second Mortgages
Second Mortgages

Many situations exist that may warrant a second mortgage. By using your first mortgage as a type of collateral, you can take advantage of a second mortgage to pay off loans, do renovations and more.

Why Debt Solutions of Canada?

In 2017, Debt Solutions of Canada was setup to help everyday folks with everyday financial problems. Please use our guides as general financial strategy. We will try to answer as many questions and comments as possible. Please try to understand, that as a non-profit, we may run short on hours, but never short on determination.

Profound Financial Shifts

Some of the most profound changes in your financial situation start with hitting rock bottom. Do the best you can to avoid over extending yourself, and reaching this point. Follow the trends in your spending, are you spending more each month than you bring in?

Just like a business, this practice in your real life is not sustainable. Bring down your spending to A) Cover your bills B) Cover life essentials. Do this BEFORE you even look at that next fancy pair of shoes.

Think in Needs, not Wants

Another common financial pitfall is thinking that you should be able to buy everything you want. This is simply not possible. Some big purchases make sense, especially if their value is spread across many years… Think of that new iPhone, in terms of value, it’s an item you’ll use daily for two years. Spending on this is not terrible. However, upgrading your phone every six months is not an ideal practice.

This is an example of making the choice between needs and wants. Try to focus on the NEEDS until you get yourself sorted out.

If you’re in the Hamilton or Burlington area, talk to Phil Romano at the Romano Mortgage Group to get yourself set on the right financial path for your future.

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    Take a monthly picture. What do you make in month. How much are your bills every month. Do you make enough? What needs to change? What CAN you do right now?

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