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Morgix Services in a Nutshell

Have you ever wondered if you have the best rate possible for your mortgage? Did you shop around when you signed up for your current rate? Perhaps you’re still looking for someone who can translate ‘Finance’ into English?

Morgix can help, and Morgix WILL help.

If you’re like the many people out there, you’ll likely find getting a mortgage (or any other loan for that matter) to be a little bit stressful. They don’t make it easy on us, do they?

When the typical banks offer out a mortgage, you are surrounded and overwhelmed by options. The paralysis of analysis takes over. What should be a cut-and-dry personal finance decision becomes a massive control panel of knobs and dials to tweak your financial future with extreme consequences.

Then you begin to worry and wonder:
WHAT HAPPENS if I choose door number 2???

Not with Morgix

With Morgix, this doesn’t happen. We’ve become the personal finance filter of your universe. Sure, we deal with the big banks, as well as private lenders. This means Morgix steps in between the line of financial firepower. We soften the blow, while delivering the best possible interest rates by negotiating with a variety of lenders.

Wait, was that some of that ‘Finance talk’ I mentioned? Sorry about that 😉 Here’s what Morgix does:

Morgix acts like a mortgage and loan funnel. All the big banks and lenders (Other companies with an interest in loaning people money) put their billions of options into our funnel, and we pluck out the best of the best.

By doing this filtering on a daily basis, we are able to learn how to get the best interest rate for you, with the best terms.

We know that people want the lowest interest rate. That part is simple math. The term, however, may vary depending on your individual situation. Not every person wants to draw out there payments as long as possible. What term did you chose (if you did).

It’s also vital to note, that if you’re not in Morgix area of influence in Ontario, and fall just outside of the GTA, in Hamilton… You can talk to the Romano Mortgage Group in Hamilton about any type of tradition mortgage products, or second mortgages. Read more about these options on their site: The Romano Mortgage Group.

25 Year Term – Not Always

I know many folks opt for the 25 year option right off the bat. Now, this isn’t the term, but it’s closely related. This is the amortization period. Which is essentially how long it would take to pay down the mortgage amount at the agreed payments. Usually though, every five years (on average) you get the opportunity to renegotiate.

This renegotiating is what happens when your TERM is up. The ideal progression is that after 5 years, you may have to accept a new interest rate on the mortgage. This could be a good thing, but it could also be a bad thing. Depending how the Bank of Canada has changed the overall governing interest rate, your new term may be effected. Good or bad.

Wow, wow wow – The Interest Rate Can Change?

In short, yes. In the long term scheme of your mortgage life, you’ll most likely experience a rate change. It just happens to be that for the last few years, any shake ups to Canada’s interest rate have been minor or non existent.

Doom and Gloom – Only if You Want

Many people in the news often report that any minor hike in the prime interest rate will lead to the financial ruin of millions and the collapse on Canada’s housing surge. This is mostly exaggeration for news making sake. The fact of the moment is that the rise in interest rate may cool off the crazy pricing.

On one hand super high prices of homes CAN be a good thing. Especially when the capital is flowing from foreign sources. That’s just money in the bank for the movers, and the economy in general.

On the other hand, higher pricing cuts a lot of potential buyers out of the market. These people may have to relocate to where they can afford a home, or perhaps become renters.

Morgix Across Canada

Morgix has 5 offices across Canada. Each of these Canadian locations are in prime metro centers: Toronto, Scarborough, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Ottawa. With this national reach, Morgix understands the real estate intelligence behind the market. This back end knowledge is then used to offer further advice to your potential mortgage situation.

Debt Consolidation Loan

While we’re on the subject of using OPM (other people’s money), we cannot forget to talk about debt consolidation. It’s an often overlooked financial tool that can be a great way to pool all of your remaining debts together.

Often, these debts can be combined with a lower interest rate.

This is where the big money can be saved

If you happen to have a credit card or two that have very high interest rates (10% and over), you’re wasting a lot of money each month if you’re carrying over any type of balance.

By putting all of your outstanding amounts into one basket, Morgix can get you a much more favorable interest rate. Having a lower rate on the sum of your remaining debt could be the single handed most important and crucial step you could make towards freedom from debt. Even if you were to consolidate your debt just to save money each month, that’s well worth the conversation.

Morgix has discussions with people just like you daily about how to clean up sloppy debt, and freshen up your personal finance. Putting money BACK in your pocket is what we do.

Morgix Home Equity Line of Credit

One final tidbit for this super duper educational lesson of personal finance: The HELOC. If you already own your home, and have owned it for more than a couple years (in most areas) you should be about able to start digging in to the equity of that home.

What’s Equity? I know, they don’t teach us anything in school these days. Equity is what you cal the portion of your mortgage that you’ve paid down already. In a sense, it’s the part that you own… Though it’s not like you can separate it and take your bathroom and living room as your own and leave the rest behind. Wouldn’t that be a trip!

With the money you can draw out from this equity in your home, you can spend it on renovations or additions. It’s a great way to use existing value to further increase value. It’s sort of a win-win, provided everything in your life is reasonably stable, like your job.

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